Rainy Day Things to do in Shrewsbury

Spring is here! While the daffodils and snowdrops are in full bloom here in the UK there is always the chance that your next adventure day is going to be a rainy one.  When those grey clouds descend and rain starts falling its very easy to be tempted by your sofa and Netflix. The lure of a cosy spot binge watching your favourite show can be strong.  But, be strong, resist the urge and you never know what adventure you may have… who knows there may even be a rainbow when the sun shows its face!

In my home town of Shrewsbury there are plenty of rainy day activities to keep you busy. So whether you have never been to Shrewsbury before or a local in need of some new ideas check out my favourite things to do in the birthplace of Darwin on a gloomy day.

The Market Hall

My absolute favourite things to do in Shrewsbury is to visit the Market Hall. I have been a fan for many years, however, during my time in Canada the Market Hall has blossomed into an active part of Shrewsbury life. Inside the cornucopia you’ll find a wide range of stalls boasting everything including groceries, antiques, board games, books, wool, records… the list goes on. It’s a great way to support local independent retailers and get some unique swag to boot.

There is also a range of fantastic food options in the market. I frequent Cafe AleOli for their fantastic tapas ( I would recommend the chorizo and the steak and onion flatbread). But there is so much to choose from such as dumplings, Thai curry, seafood and Indian street food to name a few. On a rainy day why not work your way around them all!

Craft Workshop

Feeling a little crafty then book a workshop and get creative. If it’s raining so much you can’t venture out and stretch your legs then stretch your brain instead and learn a new skill. Another gem that has opened during my time away is the fantastic Workshop.  This independent store not only stocks a beautiful array of goodies for your home but also runs several workshops for embracing your inner creative.  I’ve enjoyed the brush lettering class with Alice Draws the Line and the Macrame plant pot hanger workshop with Romy Designs. Check out upcoming workshops here.

Climb the Walls

The third on my list is another new discovery. Climbing the Walls is an indoor climbing centre which includes 12 metre high tall walls, bouldering and action walls. Completely undercover you can hone your climbing skills on even the greyest day. If you are a beginner then I recommend booking a taster session with an instructor.

Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery

A classic rainy day activity is a trip to a museum or art gallery. If you get a little pensive on a rainy day then why not head to Shrewsbury’s museum and art gallery? Its collections include the Roman Gallery, Medieval, Tudor and Stuart Gallery and a Costume Gallery. Plus with an entrance fee of only £4.50 per adult, so it’s also  kind to the purse!

Theatre Severn

Fancy a bit of culture, then head to Theatre Severn. As the name suggests the the theatre sits on the banks of the river Severn. Boasting two stages- the larger main theatre and the smaller Walker theatre, shows range from musicals and dramas to comedians and guest talks. Check out upcoming shows here.

Old Market Hall Cinema

Right outside the museum is the Old Market Hall cinema. The building itself was built in 1596 and reflects the towns medieval history. Who wouldn’t want to see a film is such a historic setting. What’s better is that the OMH also has a licensed bar which means you can enjoy a glass of wine whilst you enjoy your movie. I recommend booking the sofas seats for extra comfort. Imagine seeing a film in this gorgeous builging??


Jailhouse Tour

HMP Shrewsbury tour is still on my to-do list but seems quite interesting.  Built in 1793, it ceased to be a functioning prison in 2013 when all inmates were transferred. Now you can have guided tours around the grounds and learn a bit of Shrewsbury history.  There are a variety of tours including night tours, ghost tours and tunnel tours. I’ll report back once I’ve visited.

Puddle Jumping

If you do still fancy getting out and about the pop on those wellington boots and get stomping through those puddles. Admittedly this activity looks less odd when you have a small child with you. If you don’t have one to hand then you could always go puddle hunting instead and look for great reflectionsin the water around the town. My favourite places to go puddle hunting/jumping are the Quarry Park and Attingham Park. 


I hope you enjoyed my ideas for rainy day spring activities in my hometown. If you have any other suggestions or try any out please let me know in the comments belowe. As always if you enjoyed reading this post please share and/or give it a little like!

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