Top Ten Pics of 2018

I’ve been lucky enough to spend the last year exploring some more amazing places. From new year to the start of spring Matt and I enjoyed the winter wonderland of Halifax, Nova Scotia, taking in the lighthouses, lobster pots and crashing waves. Moving on to a road trip to Calgary where we spent the summer months exploring the Rocky Mountains some more. Before embarking on a two week holiday with my parents from Toronto round to Boston, Massachusetts.

As we’ve visited some of theses beautiful places we’ve been able to capture some of them on camera to share with you. Throughout the year my favourite snaps have made it onto the Instagram account. If you are not following already you should! Follow this link! There are many more Canadian favourites to share and I’ll be hoping to share more from upcoming trips.

But for now enjoy the top ten from 2018!

10. Autumn Leaves at Mont Royal Park, Montreal

Autumn was a beautiful time of year to visit one of the biggest urban parks in Canada, Mont Royal. With quite a lot of steps to tackle it was wonderful to stop ever now and then and take in all the wonderful colours the park had to offer in October.

9. Ski Fence, Calgary

I came across this fence in a local neighbourhood while pet sitting in Calgary during the summer. It has to be THE most Canadian fence in the whole country! The sweet little neighbourhood also boasted a very welcome retro ice cream store.

8. Lake Louise Shoreline, Banff

One of the many photos from our early rise to tackle the tea rooms and beehive hikes from Lake Louise. By the time we returned to the lake the sun was shining just perfectly along the shore.

7. Stampede, Calgary

At Calgary’s famous Stampede festival I had the opportunity to go inside this gorgeous home. It was a fascinating insight into a part of Canadian culture that is often brushed over. The Indian Village also boasted some very tasty bannock and Saskatoon berry jam!

6. We Can Do It! Mural, Sydney, Nova Scotia

Sydney was a bit of a dull stop on the cruise ship as our excursion got cancelled and we were unable to sign up to another one that interested us. So we opted to have a stroll around the town. It started off on the boring side but ended with a cluster of street murals which really brightened up a grey day. This one was one of my favourites… and one of yours too!

5. Puddle Hunting at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

Catching reflections is always fun and Peggy’s Cove is full of little crevices that get filled up as the waves and tides change. There was a gorgeous blue sky on the day which just made the lighthouse stand out even more in this shot.

4. Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta

The longest hike we did throughout the entire two years in Canada was at Waterton Lakes. Voted one of the most thrilling hikes in the world by National Geographic, the Crypt Lake trail did not disappoint. Check out the stories section on my account to see what its all about.

3. Lake Louise Trails, Banff

Another time where the sun shone at just the right time. As we climbed this trail the sun was rising behind so I’m very glad I turned around to capture this moment.

2. Petit Champlain, Quebec City

Like a scene straight out of Beauty and the Beast Petit Champlain had such charm. In fact it was one of my Mum’s favourite places. But I did expect someone to start singing about provincial life at any point!

1. Stiperstones Nature Reserve, Shropshire

I was so surprised that this was my most liked photo of 2018. It’s not that it’s not a beautiful place it really is very stunning but I did expect a Canadian view to top the list. I hope to explore a lot more of Shropshire and the UK over the next year so I hope you enjoy them as much as this one.

Thank you all for your support over 2018, every like and comment is appreciated!!

If you are not following me on Instagram already you can here. There will be plenty of flashbacks to Canada as well as new adventures in 2019.

What is your favourite?? Do you have any recommendations for adventures in 2019? Please let me know in the comments. Happy New Year Everyone!

16 thoughts on “Top Ten Pics of 2018

  1. Bradley & Jenny says:

    Great pictures and an excellent assortment. Being able to explore all of these places in a single year is always a major highlight to write about. Our favorite picks from your top ten were the two from Lake Louise. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the inspiration!


  2. thetripwishlist says:

    Au Canada! What a stunning country. That ski wall is so cool! I really want to get back to Canada, as it’s been too long!


  3. Kemi says:

    Lovely pics! Been to Montreal in winter but hope to return in either summer or fall for the colours. Banff is on my list of places to experience in 2019.


  4. Marcia says:

    What a great idea for a post. When I had instrgram pick the top 10 pictures, I was surprised as well. I’m not sure how much time you got to spend at Lake Louise, but I thought it was one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen! Love the shots of Waterton Lakes. It looks like a postcard. The tourist board should hire you!


  5. Ng Ee Sing says:

    My favourite is definitely #2 Quebec City. As much as I like scenery, this photo kept me staring at it more than 30s. Love the classic old houses and the surrounding.


  6. Laurence says:

    Nice shots of Canada. Love the Banff pictures. Looks like you had a great travel time in Canada last 2018. Maybe this year will be another continent πŸ™‚


  7. Anjali Chawla says:

    Beautiful Photographs! I especially loved the photo of street art from Sydney. I love the way artists paint the soul of the city on the wall. I make sure to explore the street art wherever I travel. Street art echoes the past, present, and future of the place.
    The pic of autumn in Montreal comes close second πŸ™‚


  8. nomadicfoot says:

    Awesome collection of pics. They say a lot about the photography skills of the photographer. My favorite above all is Stiperstones nature reserve.


  9. Su Bha Sun says:

    Stunning! I am envious of you. You have been to amazing places and captured them beautifully. Hope this year will bring you more adventures. Thanks for sharing it. I got inspiration.


  10. wanders miles says:

    You have seen some wonderful places, the landscapes are spectacular. Banff is high up on my list. I was blown away by your lighthouse shot in Nova Scotia. Thank you for sharing your memories of 2018.


  11. Alice says:

    Nice work!!! I think my favourite one in the tent because I always wanted to spend a night in a traditional tent like that. I know they aren’t very practical but they look amazing!!


  12. Alex Trembath says:

    Stunning photos Katie! Looks like you had an amazing year of travel. I particularly like the pics of the Lake Louise trails and shoreline. Looking for some hiking inspiration for 2019 and this part of Canada is high on the list of places we need to go!


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