10 Reasons To Go Camping This Summer

  1. You get the chance to DISCONNECT

We are all far too connected to the internet, our phones, tablets, laptops etc. camping is the perfect excuse to have an electronic detox. Instead, go for a hike, read a book, play a game or simply sit and watch the clouds go by. But do keep a mobile handy for any emergency’s … and a quick selfie!


  1. You can RECONNECT with friends and family

Some of my best memories as a kid were of family holidays camping. It’s where I learnt to ride my bike, where I watched my Dad slide a river bank (more than once!) and was in fact Matt and I’s first holiday together.


Plus, there is nothing better than sitting around a campfire with a glass of wine in your hand just chilling with friends. It’s pure relaxation!


  1. It is super CHEAP

Nine times out of ten camping will be much cheaper than a hotel, air BNB or even a hostel.  For example, camping in Banff National Park during peak season can range from $15 CAD (approximately £8.75) to $33 CAD (approximately £19.20) where as hostels start from around $28 CAD for a shared dorm.


We saved loads on accommodation in Vancouver by camping just outside the city and travelling in by bus instead of staying downtown.

  1. You can take your DOG

Whilst we can’t take our house-sitting pets camping with us here in Canada as we are here to look after homes as well, my family dog (Billy the Whippet) loves to go camping. He is a bit of a fair-weather camper as he doesn’t like the rain, but he loves sitting in the front of my parent’s caravan watching the world go by and going on trips to the pub with my Dad.



  1. Being at one with NATURE

Depending on where you are camping you can totally embrace your inner flower child whilst camping. In Canada, sites are nestled amongst the trees which feels amazing when you wake up in the morning!


Back in the UK I find that sites are more ‘pruned’ but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel the grass between you toes or listen to the chirping birds.

  1. Good for your HEALTH

Getting outdoors can give you some much needed vitamin D after the grey winter months. You can also get some great exercise setting up you tent, fetching water and hiking.



Another bonus is that you can reset your body clock. If you are in a tent there isn’t anything stopping the sun from seeping through in the morning. This means you can rise with the sun each day and settle at sunset!

  1. Get to see the STARS

Once you’ve watched the sunset the stars will start to appear. The more rural the location there is less chance of light pollution and more chance of seeing a sky full of stars.  I remember camping on night in California and my breath was quite literally taken away as every inch of the night sky was packed with constellations! I’d never seen anything like it!

Top tip : pack your telescope and even better, a map of the night sky.

  1. Learn new SKILLS

You don’t become a skilled camper overnight. The first time you set up your tent there will more than likely be an argument. You will always forget something, just a few years ago I sat eating my cereal out of a saucepan as I’d not packed bowls! This year I learnt how to make my own fire starters… and a fire!


Skills you can learn while camping:

How to build a campfire How to cook on an open fire
Map skills Animal tracking
How to pitch a tent How to choose a tent site
Different knots Navigating with a compass
  1. S’MORES

Need I say anymore… this is one piece of North American culture I am quite happy has infiltrated Britain! Perfect for all the family, its cheap, easy and fun activity.

For the perfect simple s’more:

You’ll need some biscuits (cookies), I like to use half coated chocolate digestive for an extra bit of sweetness, marshmallows and roasting sticks

Pop your marshmallow on the end of you stick and hold it over the fire. You’ll want a little bit of browning across the ‘mallow. Just don’t catch them on the flames as they won’t cook on the inside!

Have your biscuit of choice ready and waiting.

When it’s nicely toasted, pop it in between two cookies and slide your stick out.

Now enjoy, be careful it will be hot!


  1. You can do it ANYWHERE

You don’t need to go to the other side of the world to enjoy a great camping adventure. If you don’t have much time, head to a local campsite. One of my favourite things to do on a long weekend is head just an hour down the road from my hometown Shrewsbury to Little Hereford with the family and Billy, of course!

Alternative: set up camp in your garden. My sister and I used to love backyard camping when we were younger…usually Dad was just trying to dry the tent out though!


What’s your favourite thing about camping? Where is your favourite place to sleep outdoors? Drop me a comment below.

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17 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Go Camping This Summer

  1. Laurel says:

    I haven’t been camping in years but would love to do it again. I’ve seen the firestarter trick all over the web for some time and always wondered if it worked well. Now I know!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alex Trembath says:

    Love this! We camped a lot while travelling over the last year and I agree with all the above. We did two straight weeks of camping in New Zealand and it saved us a fortune, plus it was one of our best experiences of the whole trip!

    Liked by 1 person

    • airmailadventures says:

      I insisted on the fairly lights, and I’m glad i did as they made it feel quite homely! It was one of my favourite things as a kid as i loved being outdoors… hope you children enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks for reading 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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