Halifax Burger Week 2018: The (unofficial) when, what, why and who guide

Any one who knows me even in the slightest will know I am a burger lover. Wherever we have been on our travels I am always keen to try new burgers. All over the States and throughout Europe we have explored different chain restaurants and independent eateries in our quest to find the ultimate patty. From the famous In-N-Out in California to Bacoa Burger in Barcelona, its been a fun journey. Although it is all in moderation with a good deal of exercise thrown in to keep us fit and healthy.

So, when I found out that Halifax has a whole week dedicated to the wonderfulness that is burger, I was excited to say the least! A festival for beautiful patties, toasted buns, extra ketchup and fries on the side… yes please!

When and where?

22nd March to 28th March 2018 all across Halifax, Nova Scotia

What is burger week?

Halifax burger week is a celebration and fundraiser for Feed Nova Scotia, a charity which helps feed hungry people across the province. This year 125 restaurants are creating specials for either a set price of $6 or a higher price with a donation going towards the charity with every burger sold. Started in 2013 by the publishers of The Coast, HFX Burger Week is going strongly into its 6th year. A celebration of burgers and charity… the perfect combo.

Halifax Burger Week logo


Feed Nova Scotia has a mission to ‘feed Nova Scotians in need and reduce that need.’ They distribute almost 2 million Kilograms of food via 146 food banks across the province. However, they are always in need on donations. Burger Week has raised over $175,000 in the last five years to help this amazing charity.


There are so many restaurants participating in the event you could have a burger for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you so desired. Head over to http://burgerweek.co/halifax-burger-week-list/ for the full line up. There is a handy map and mouth-watering pictures to tempt you. Head into any participating establishment and pick up your official Burger Week passport to learn more about the various locations, Feed Nova Scotia and how to win a year supply of beer.

Having visited Relish and Darrell’s already and eaten these superb burgers…

I will be visiting Krave Burger, 2 Doors Down and Vandal Doughnuts to try their offerings this week… I am beyond excited!

Ready for HFXBurger Week

I would just like to note that I am not associated with Burger Week itself or Feed Nova Scotia in any way. I have used http://burgerweek.co/ and https://www.feednovascotia.ca/about to gain and facts and figures. Any views expressed within this article or through my social media outlets are my own opinions.

Are you heading out this week for a juicy burger? Does your hometown have a burger week?

5 thoughts on “Halifax Burger Week 2018: The (unofficial) when, what, why and who guide

  1. Steve Vernon says:

    Reblogged this on YOURS IN STORYTELLING… and commented:
    Okay – so I am not the only person following HALIFAX BURGER WEEK!

    I also did not realize that HALIFAX BURGER WEEK is in its SIXTH year! I should have known, though. Burgers are forever!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. airmailadventures says:

    I’m only in Halifax until April so was super excited to know that i wouldn’t miss burger week! It seems like a great event… hopefully someone will start one back in the UK! My last stop is going to be Vandal Doughnuts… happy burger week! 🍔🍔🍔


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