A-Z Travels: I is for Ice, Ice Baby

It’s going to be a little different this week as I’m attempting my first photo essay. I pondered for several days on what to do for the letter I. My first thought was ice hockey, but as I sat thinking about what I could write about it all seemed a little dull, plus over here it’s just called hockey. I continued thinking and the jeopardy thinking music went through my mind for quite a while. I didn’t feel I knew enough about Canada’s indigenous people to write an informative article. So here we have my very first photo essay.

My intentions are to show you the several types of ice we have come across whilst on our journey. Even though it gets cold back in the UK I have never seen ice quite like some of the formations we’ve seen in Canada.  I’ve had ice so thick on my windscreen it broke my scraper! Who needs the arm-day at the gym when you’re scraping an inch of ice for 45 mins? But, for the most part it’s been beautiful, frozen waterfalls are stunning and made me feel like Elsa!

So, sit back and enjoy a little taste of our icy adventures from natural icicles to sculptures.

Sometimes its just hanging around…

In many different shapes and sizes…

Sometimes it used to be a waterfall…

Sometimes there were entire lakes in a winter wonderland…

And in Nova Scotia even the ocean succumbs to winter…

Glaciers are the giants of the ice world and one of natures most spectacular sights…

And there are plenty of fun things you can do with ice…

My favourite is in a cocktail… but eventually it all must start to melt!

Lake Minnewanka (29).JPG

How did you like my first attempt at a photo essay? Are you a ice lover or hater?

Thanks for joining me for A-Z Travels. Last week I got my alphabet wrong and so this week made sure to get it right. Next week will be J for Joffre Lakes and the most spectacular lakes there. Happy Travels 🙂


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