Top Tips for Long Term Travel as a Couple

Matt and I have been fortunate enough to travel long term. Our first adventure was three months in the USA and now we are spending two years in Canada. Its great travelling the world with your favourite person, but it is different than being at home. You spend a lot more time with each other and are often in a confined space such as a plane or car.  So, I thought I’d share a few tips on how to be chilled whilst travelling long term with your significant other.



  1. Both be happy with your destination

You must start out on the right foot. If you can’t agree on where to go its going to be difficult for you both to enjoy the trip, particularly when its long term. For example, Matt is keen to return to India, but I do not cope well in hot weather and the prospect of Delhi belly has made me a little sceptical. Although, I’m sure it’s a beautiful country full of wonderful things to do, I will be waiting until I’m a more confident and savvy traveller before exploring there.

  1. Never travel hungry

We have all experienced the dire consequences of hanger (being hungry and angry at the same time). There have been many times when Matt’s head has rolled across the floor after I’ve bitten it off in a fit of hanger! Not that he isn’t guilty of being hangry, he just deals with it slightly better. So now we make sure we’ve eaten properly or have snacks for the journey, particularly on hikes when there are no shops nearby.


Now this is a picture of our storm snacks but its the same as our road-trip food, minus the beer of course!! I know there are healthier foods but sometimes a bit of junk is needed! In the summer we have a little cooler in the car to keep everything fresh.

  1. Communicate

Nice and simple, a tip for life not just for travelling. No matter what we think our partners are not mind readers. If you have a gut feeling about something when travelling, say it. More often than not you’re both thinking the same thing and you’ll only regret it otherwise.

  1. Play to your strengths

For instance, I am good at navigating and Matt is good at driving. He is much better at making last second decisions on the road and I can read ahead on the map much quicker so together we make a good team. Another example is when checking into accommodation, I often do the talking whilst Matt sorts out the luggage. If you are not stressing about the little things you can enjoy the big adventure.

  1. Make sure you have time alone

This one has become more relevant on our travels in Canada. When at home you tend to have to schedule time together but when you are travelling together it is important to make sure you have time alone as well. If you’ve spent hours or even days cooped up in car together some space apart may be needed.  Matt would often go jogging whilst I sat and read a book for example.


Hope these tips help on your next journey. Is there anything you do when travelling as a couple to make it go smoothly? Comment below and let me know, Happy Travels.


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